Multi Family Homes


The Charlotte's tall narrow design is reminiscent of European terraced homes but lends itself well to a contemporary feel.


Classic exterior style combined with a smart modern footprint are found in Newtown.


Combining curb appeal with practicality, the Parkwood Duplex floor plan features the essentials on one level.


The Beatons two storey Duplex is designed for row house expansion. Stately and family focused.


The Hedgerow is a pretty, one level triplex plan designed for above ground installation and with row housing potential.


Our stylish duplex, Cardigan, is one of our popular multi family homes. It has a beautiful exterior complete with a garage for both units. Choose this multi family home for its convenience and cute layout.


This multi-family home has a stylish exterior with a high functional interior layout. It utilizes every square foot of this home to provide you with all of your basic home needs.

Advantages of Buying Multi-Family Homes

  • Potential to cash flow better because there are many more units purchased for a slightly lower price per unit – typically.
  • More than 1 rent to help cover your operating costs – if one unit is vacant there are other units bringing in revenue that will help you out.
  • Often a broader range of possible tenants to choose from as the per unit rental cost is usually less than a Single Family Home
  • If 1 unit becomes vacant, you can work on it (paint, put in new floors, etc.) but still be collecting rent from your other units/tenants
  • On a per unit basis are less expensive than a Single Family Home
  • Generally, your rent to price ratio is higher on MFH than on SFH (this can often equate to more cash flow)