Energy Efficiency

  • Guaranteed rating of EnerGuide 83 Kent Mini Homes – 25% more energy efficient. Kent Homes offers the most energy efficient line of homes manufactured in Atlantic Canada, providing a rating of EnerGuide-83 with all of its standard homes.
  • The most energy efficient line of homes manufactured in Atlantic Canada today. You can now rest easy knowing all these energy saving features have been added to your new home purchase.

Enjoy all the quality, comfort and convenience of a manufactured Kent custom home and realize some of the highest efficiencies in the industry.  Our custom homes built to industry leading EnerGuide 83 (E-83) Standards mean:

  • Comfortable Living with a Super Efficient, Air to Air Heat Pumps
  • Bigger, Better, Low-E Argon Thermo-Pane Vinyl Windows
  • Heat Recovery Air Exchange System offering enhanced and controlled air quality
  • 2 x 6 Exterior Wall Construction
  • Arctic Pack Insulation
  • Cellulose Blown in Ceiling
  • Vapor Barrier to cover all electrical outlets
  • Lower heating bills every month
  • Low maintenance costs
  • All covered by a 10 year warranty for total peace of mind



Kent Homes award-winning sustainable approach to building makes our homes more resource efficient, environmentally friendly, healthy and safe.


We are committed to being an eco-friendly builder to meet the growing demand of our customers for a responsible and sustainable approach to life and work.

Our green building practices mean less waste and more recycling, savings we pass on to you. Energy efficiency means the cost of living in and maintaining your house will be less year after year. You'll have all the space you need but with a lighter footprint.

Our cost-saving, environmentally friendly practices include:

Our manufacturing process recycles materials and reduces waste

Tight construction and special framing reduce internal leaks and draft

Fresh air ventilation reduces dust, odours and indoor contaminants

Heat recovery and ventilation systems, vents and pressure balancing reduce moisture

Energy-efficient lighting reduces energy consumption

Drywall and insulation are made of safely recycled material

We also offer a range of roofing, sidings, floorings, finishes, windows, doors and appliances to make your home as energy efficient, healthy and safe as it can be.

Just by choosing Kent Homes you’ve already made a smart choice – for yourself, your family and for the world around you.